Fun and Challenging Escape Games

Can you solve the mystery of the Room before time runs out?
Located at 8019 Corporate Drive, Suite J, Nottingham, MD 21236

Get a Clue Games Escape Room in Perry Hall, Maryland

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Perry Hall, Maryland is an awesome escape room for all ages. Being so close to schools and neighborhoods with lots of kids, there is a steady stream of customers and opportunities to help raise money for special causes through the fun of playing in an escape room. Get a Clue Games is a great place to host fundraisers. Who doesn’t want to go to Get a Clue Games, an awesome escape room in Perry Hall, MD?

Get a Clue Games can host up to 40 players every hour. They offer the ability for you to purchase discounted tickets in advance that you can in turn resell them on your own to as many people as you need. Your audience can reserve their game spot anytime in the future. They will have fun and raise money for their schools, organizations, special interests, or sports team of their choice. Get a Clue Games provides many opportunities to give back to the community. All you need to do is reach out to them to start planning your next fundraising event at or call 410-931-0580.

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Bel Air

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Perry Hall, Maryland

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Perry Hall, Maryland loves working with corporate sponsors as well. They enjoy the engagement and interaction all groups have when playing in one of their rooms. Their fourth room is about to begin construction and is rumored to be in conjunction with the real amusement park out in Frederick County. The collaboration between the two companies is sure to pack a punch for all escape room enthusiasts! Brand new puzzles and concepts to bring to the world of Escape Rooms.

  • Need a place for fundraising
  • Need a place for team building
  • Need a place to help promote personal growth
  • Need a place that is family friendly
  • Need a place to play for fun

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Perry Hall, Maryland

To summarize, Get a Clue Games Escape Room in Perry Hall Maryland offers great opportunities for fundraisers. Contact them anytime to book your booked. Keep in mind, the way the rooms engage a team of people who in turn are raising money to help other people within their community is a great full circle of giving. Get a Clue Games Perry Hall, Maryland loves helping people grow. Through this, the community grows as well. The best part is that the participants are learning a little bit about themselves along the way too.